Cabin Crew Overview & Types of Airlines (Preview)

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Chapters & Contents:

Chapter One: Types of Airlines
Chapter Two: Aircraft
Chapter Three: Aviation Codes
Chapter Four: Airline Geography
Chapter Five: Time Zones
Chapter Six: Passenger Types
Chapter Seven: Baggage
Chapter Eight: Flight Attendant Roles
Chapter Nine: Passenger Service Excellence
Chapter Ten: Personal Presentation
Chapter Eleven: Team Skills
Chapter Twelve: Food & Drink Service
Chapter Thirteen: Passenger Announcements

Chapter One:   Types of airlines


There are currently almost 3000+ airlines flying around the world, carrying passengers and cargo 365 days of the year.

These 3000+ airlines employ more than 250,000 flight attendants whose key role is to ensure that safety regulations are followed, and to take care of the comfort of passengers during flight. Airlines are legally required to provide flight attendants on flights that carry passengers. Occasionally, with very small aircraft, the pilot will also take care of safety briefings for any passengers.

Being 777 crew rest areas

This chapter provides you with information on the types of airlines that exist, and highlights key features and differences of airline types.

Learning Objectives:
On completion of this chapter you will be able to:

  •  Identify the key characteristics of types of airlines: charter, scheduled and private/corporate
  • Identify the ‘flag carrier’ airline of specific countries
  • Identify examples of charter and scheduled airlines.
  • Describe principle differences between charter and scheduled airlines


Scheduled Airlines
A scheduled airline is one which provides air transport services for passengers, and/or freight. These airlines own or lease their aircraft to provide air services, and they sometimes form partnerships with other airlines for mutual benefit.

A scheduled airline may operate domestically (within one country) and internationally (to other countries).

Scheduled airlines run their services to a schedule, or a published timetable. Timetables are made available in print or online, and include full information of a planned journey from the departure point to final destination. Intending passengers can look up the planned departure time, what type of aircraft is planned for that flight, details of meal types available, information on stopovers during the journey, and the time of arrival at the destination.

Scheduled airlines also publish the ticket price for each flight, and in general terms tickets with scheduled airlines are cheaper if you book your trip well in advance, and become more expensive closer to departure.

Five Ryanair 737-800 at Boeing Field

Scheduled airlines offer a range of additional features to passengers:

  • Types of seating – scheduled airlines usually feature two or three ‘classes of service’, economy, business class and first class. The class of service purchased will specify the overall size of aircraft seat,  the amount of legroom and the type and style of food service.The more you pay – the better it gets!
  • Airport airline lounges – private lounges for their passengers, offering food, drink, Internet access.
  • Loyalty programmes – passengers who fly often can collect ‘air miles’ or points for each journey undertaken, and these can traded for gifts or discounts on future air travel with that airline.


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