How do I buy a course?

Please click on ONLINE COURSE TOPICS, and find the topic you are interested in. Then click on MORE INFO (blue tab). Please check you are buying the course option you prefer, e.g. GOLD for full features (lessons, quizzes, assessment, forums, tutor support, monitoring & reporting, and a certificate), SILVER with lessons, quizzes, assessment and a certificate, or BRONZE for lessons only. Once you have found the right course for you, click on ‘BUY NOW’ and work through the payment options.

Where and when can I access my course?

These courses can be accessed using your computer, laptop, iPad, Android table, iMac, iPhone and mobile phone. Courses should work on any device with Internet access. If not, please let us know immediately.  All courses will work 24/7, 365 days a year. You can register and start any time.

How do I complete a quiz?

Many lessons (in a Silver or Gold course) have a quiz. A blue, oblong tab will appear at the end of the lesson, “Take this lesson quiz”. Click on this to complete or resit a quiz. Ideally you score 100% in a quiz. If you don’t you should resit the quiz.

You can move on to the next lesson even if you haven’t scored 100% in a quiz, however this will mean that lesson will show as “in progress” rather than “complete”.

If you have completed a quiz earlier, you will need to click on ‘reset quiz’ first before you resit it.

How do I complete an assessment?

At the end of the lessons on each Silver or Gold course you will find an assessment quiz. You need to first read through all lessons. A blue, oblong tab will appear at the end of the last lesson, “Take this lesson quiz”. Click on this to complete or resit your assessment quiz. Ideally you score 80% , or more, in your assessment quiz. If you scored less than 80% in your first attempt, we would like you to resit the assessment quiz to see if you can score higher in your second attempt.

Lesson and Quiz reset

We update and upgrade this online system on a regular basis. This sometimes means you might have to click on ‘reset lesson’ or ‘reset quiz’, even though you have not previously completed that lesson or quiz. We apologise for any confusion.

How does the progress gauge work?

The progress ¬†gauge percentage, which shows with your course, is based on the lesson and quiz completions. Ideally you remember the lesson number or title of the lesson you completed last. If not, you might end up reading a lesson you’ve already completed!

How do I get my certificate?

If you have fully completed a Silver or Gold course, please email us on carla@itc.co.nz. We will email your Certificate of Completion, in pdf format, as soon as we can!

Who can I contact with any other questions?

Please email Carla Sutton on carla@itc.co.nz