Selling Skills Free Preview

Would you like to be able to sell any product or service, and be really good at it? Or are you a business owner and would like your staff to improve their selling skills? Upon completion of the course you will enjoy encounters with your customers, as you will know what to do and how to make a sale (without that 'hard sell' feeling!) You will sell anything with ease, whether it's a cruise, an iPhone, accommodation in a luxurious hotel, or whichever product you currently find difficult to sell. This course caters perfectly to your needs. It includes information, insights and 'stop & think' exercises to practice finding out customers wants & needs; what service excellence & 'value' really mean; how to ideally communicate with your customers; and how customers' attitudes can vary and influence your service behaviour.


Selling Skills - Who is your Customer? (Preview)

Author: ITC Tutorial Team

Lesson One on this course is a great introduction to Winning with Customers. It includes the table of contents for the total course, so you also get to find out which topics are included in the remainder of this customer service online course. A short quiz has been included so you can see how they work!