Ground Crew Gold

The Ground Crew course is filled with valuable information about what it is like to work at an airport! If you are interested in working at the check-in counter and at the boarding gate, or maybe at the airline’s customer service desk at the airport then this is the course you are looking for!passport at airport_large

You will learn about the aviation industry, airlines, time zones, ticketing & documentation, passports & visas, baggage allowances, passenger handling skills, customer service, airport security,  careers and job hunting, and more!

The GOLD course includes 22 comprehensive lessons with valuable information, several quizzes, and a final assessment. Upon completion of the GOLD  course we will issue you with a Certificate of Completion. Your GOLD course option also includes forums, peer and tutor support, and monitoring & reporting. This might be just the career training your school has been looking for!

You can complete this course on any Internet connected device: smartphone, iPhone, tablet, iPad, Mac notebook, PC laptop, and any computer.


Ground Crew – Aviation Industry

Author: ITC Tutorial Team

This first chapter is about the Aviation Industry, and informs you thoroughly on the participants in this industry and how they contribute. It includes information about Full Service Airlines and those that are referred to as ‘No Frills’ airlines.

Ground Crew – Aircrafts

Author: ITC Tutorial Team

This lessons provides in-depth information regarding the main two aircraft manufacturers (Boeing & Airbus). Then it progresses into specific information about aircraft components. There is so much to learn!

Ground Crew – Landside & Airside

Author: ITC Tutorial Team

This part of your course informs you thoroughly about the differences between the landside area of the airport, and airside. It also provides details on a variety of aspects regarding airport operations.

Ground Crew – Aviation Codes

Author: ITC Tutorial Team

In this lesson you will be introduced to aviation codes, in particular (in this lesson) to city and airport codes. These codes are used all the time, every day, in the airport and aviation environment. You need to know them! Practice is included.

Ground Crew – More continents

Author: ITC Tutorial Team

In this lesson you will learn lots about the following continents: Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe and Oceania (Australasia). There is so much to see & do in the world!

Ground Crew – Time Zones

Author: ITC Tutorial Team

People at the airport will wonder how long their flight will take. Others, who have already had a long flight, might be suffering from jetlag. In both cases it is helpful if you are familiar with ‘time zones’, which you will learn about in this lesson.

Ground Crew – Ticketing & Documentation

Author: ITC Tutorial Team

When you work at the airport or for an airline, you will assist passengers with their travel documents. These will include tickets and passports. In this lesson you will read how important these documents are, and how to read them.

Ground Crew – Passports & Visas at Check-in

Author: ITC Tutorial Team

It is important to know whether your passengers have the right passports and visas for the destination(s) they are travelling to. It used to be the responsibility of the travel agent to check these documents. Now, with people booking their tickets online, it is the individuals responsibility to check – and for the check-in agent to be the last & final person before the travellers board the plane!

Ground Crew – Ground Staff Role

Author: ITC Tutorial Team

Specific job roles and tasks apply to positions as Ground Crew at an airport. Each role and task is discussed in detail in this lesson. You might come across a description you think perfectly describes your Dream Job!

Ground Crew – Baggage

Author: ITC Tutorial Team

Learn all about baggage allowance for both checked-in and hand luggage, including which differences apply between classes of service. Baggage allowance also depends on where in the world you travel!

Ground Crew – Passenger Handling

Author: ITC Tutorial Team

Think you can communicate? Of course you can! But are you aware of all the situations, barriers, and issues that may arise during the communication process? Hardly anyone is, and this lesson will ensure you become much better informed!

Ground Crew – Listening Skills

Author: ITC Tutorial Team

Listening is the most important aspect of communication skills. That is why we have dedicated a separate lesson to this topic. Whether you are communicating with customers, colleagues, friends or family, excellent listening skills will greatly assist you in communicating effectively.

Ground Crew – Service Attitudes & Handling Complaints

Author: ITC Tutorial Team

Your attitude towards your customers will determine whether you offer excellent customer service, or just ‘good’ or ‘average’. To ensure your customers are completely happy with your customer service, you need to be aware of your attitude. You also need to know how to handle complaints, as these are a normal part of every job. Lots of information within this lesson!

Ground Crew – Airport Security

Author: ITC Tutorial Team

Security at the airport is important. Everyone is expecting to be kept safe: passengers, check-in personnel, retail staff, airline representatives, and those people saying goodbye to their loved ones. Security is also important for airlines, as they want their flights to go smoothly, and arrive at the destination without any problems.

Ground Crew – Shift Work

Author: ITC Tutorial Team

Many airport operate 24/7. To ensure there are always enough people to serve customers, staff work a roster. This shift work, and the fact that the airport is open all day and most of the night, means you will be working odd hours. Read in this lesson how shift work affects you, your sleeping patterns, and your social life.

Ground Crew – Career Preparation

Author: ITC Tutorial Team

Now you know what it’s like to work at an airport, you want to be able to score that Dream Job! For that you need to learn about CV preparation, interview techniques, and how to prepare for your job interview. All of this is included within this chapter.