Ground Crew Free Preview

The Ground Crew course is filled with valuable information about what it is like to work at AIrportan airport! If you are interested in working at the check-in counter and at the boarding gate, or maybe at the airline’s customer service desk at the airport then this is the course you are looking for!

You will learn about the aviation industry, airlines, time zones, ticketing & documentation, passports & visas, baggage allowances, passenger handling skills, customer service, airport security,  careers and job hunting, and more!

This Free Preview is an example of the SILVER course. The SILVER course, which includes 22 comprehensive lessons with valuable information, several quizzes, and a final assessment. Upon completion of the SILVER  course we will issue you with a Certificate of Completion.

After your Free Preview, you might decide you would prefer the GOLD course option. Our GOLD courses include the same information contained in 22 comprehensive lessons, the same quizzes and assessment. You will get a Certificate of Completion. However, throughout your course you will have access to our friendly, experienced staff who monitor this course 5 days a week. You will also be able to communicate with fellow students via the online forum. Furthermore your company has access to support and monitoring, if they so require.

If you prefer to simply read the information within the same 22 comprehensive lessons, but not worry about the quizzes, assessment or other additional features, you could opt for the BRONZE course option. Our BRONZE courses give you access to the same lessons, and that’s it!

You can complete this course on any device: smartphone, iPhone, tablet, iPad, Mac notebook, PC laptop, and any computer.


Ground Crew – Aviation Industry


Author: ITC Tutorial Team

This first chapter is about the Aviation Industry, and informs you thoroughly on the participants in this industry and how they contribute. It includes information about Full Service Airlines and those that are referred to as ‘No Frills’ airlines.