Cruise Training Online Bronze

Learn all you need to know about the history of cruising, routes, on-board features, life on a cruise ship, cruise companies and their ships, how to sell cruises, terminology, how to provide excellent service, careers and job hunting. On your BRONZE course you will learn from a range of short lessons.


Cruise Training Online - Features of cruise jobs

Length: Inthisandthenextlessonwilllearnallaboutthefeaturesoflivingon-boardacruiseship-bothasapassengerandasanemployee minutesAuthor: Carla Sutton

Cruising is really quite a special way of travelling. Learn what it is like to be on a cruise ship: as a passenger or crew member.

Cruise Training Online - Closing a sale

Author: Carla Sutton

Firstly you'll look at myths about cruising, and this will lead into how to actually close a sale once you've found the best cruise options for your customers. What documentation do you think they'll receive?

Cruise Training Online - Listening Skills

Author: Carla Sutton

Listining skills - they are so important! You can ask all the right questions, but if you don't listen properly to the answer, how will you really find out what sort of cruise your customer wants. This lesson includes some excellent tips and suggestions.

Cruise Training Online - Body Language

Author: Carla Sutton

This brief lesson concentrates on explaining you the importance of body language. Your posture and eye contact will determine whether your customer feels they have received excellent customer service - believe it or not!

Cruise Training Online - Your CV & Application

Author: Carla Sutton

If you want to ensure you get a job interview, you firstly need to make sure your resume (curriculum vitae - CV) is of an excellent standard. Most companies now want you to apply for job vacancies online. Valuable information about these topics have been included in this lesson.