Course Category: Gold

  • Tour Guiding Gold

    by ITC Tutorial Team
    9 Lessonsin
    • Tour Guiding Gold - $199.00

    This excellent course provides you with the tools to become a tour guide, whether on location (in Spain or Mexico), on-board a cruise ship, or for specific attractions or sightseeing activities for tourism operators. This GOLD course will offer you information, quizzes, an assessment, and a Certificate upon Completion, as well as tutor support throughout your course (5 days a week), peer support through forums, and monitoring & reporting from companies or schools.

  • Winning with Customers Gold

    by ITC Tutorial Team
    9 Lessonsin
    • Winning with Customers Gold - $199.00

    People want to receive excellent customer service - everywhere, every day! Complete this course NOW to fine-tune your customer service skills!! Your GOLD course includes a practical ACTION PLAN, which you compile while you're working on this course. You, your colleagues, your employees, your boss - every single person working in the service industry needs to know how to deliver on this expectation. This course includes information on the 'why' and the 'how'. Through 'Stop + Think' exercises you get to really think about your experiences, your service delivery, and how or where you can improve your service to be able to deliver truly EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE.

  • Selling Skills Gold

    by ITC Tutorial Team
    20 Lessonsin
    • Selling Skills Gold - $199.00

    Would you like to be able to sell any product or service, and be really good at it? Or are you a business owner and would like your staff to improve their selling skills? Upon completion of the course you will enjoy encounters with your customers, as you will know what to do and how to make a sale (without that 'hard sell' feeling!) You will sell anything with ease, whether it's a cruise, an iPhone, accommodation in a luxurious hotel, or whichever product you currently find difficult to sell. This course caters perfectly to your needs. It includes information, insights and 'stop & think' exercises to practice finding out customers wants & needs; what service excellence & 'value' really mean; how to ideally communicate with your customers; and how customers' attitudes can vary and influence your service behaviour.

  • Ground Crew Gold

    by ITC Tutorial Team
    22 Lessonsin
    • Ground Crew Gold - $199.00

    You will learn about the aviation industry, airlines, time zones, ticketing & documentation, passports & visas, baggage allowances, passenger handling skills, customer service, airport security, careers and job hunting, and more! The GOLD course includes 22 comprehensive lessons with valuable information, several quizzes, and a final assessment. Upon completion of the GOLD course we will issue you with a Certificate of Completion. Your GOLD course option also includes forums, peer and tutor support, and monitoring & reporting. This might be just the career training your business or school has been looking for!

  • Cruise Training Online Gold

    by ITC Tutorial Team
    35 Lessonsin
    • Cruise Online Gold - $249.00

    You will learn about the history of cruising, routes, on-board features, life on a cruise ship, cruise companies and their ships, how to sell cruises, terminology, how to provide excellent service, careers and job hunting, and more! Your GOLD course option includes 92 lesson, quizzes, an assessment, forums, tutor support, a certificate upon completion, and even monitoring & reporting for company purposes.

  • Careers in Travel & Tourism Gold

    by ITC Tutorial Team
    19 Lessonsin
    • Careers in Travel & Tourism Gold - $199.00

    Find out about how to start off your Career in the Travel and Tourism industry. Your GOLD course will include several short lessons, quizzes, a personal action plan, tutor support, peer communication, and monitoring & reporting.

  • Cabin Crew Gold

    by ITC Tutorial Team
    46 Lessonsin
    • Cabin Crew Gold - $199.00

    The GOLD course includes 47 lessons with information relevant to anyone interested in becoming a Flight Attendant. Quizzes are included upon completion of every set of lessons. At the end of this online training course you will complete a final assessment, confirming all the knowledge and skills you have gained! You will receive a Certificate of Completion. On the GOLD course you also have tutor support; you can communicate with fellow students via the forum; and if your company or school requires, we can also offer monitoring and reporting for the GOLD course participants. Once you've completed the assessment on the SILVER course we will issue you with a Certificate of Completion! It will look great on your CV to have this online training included on your list of skills & knowledge you have - it is sure to make a positive difference when you apply for a job as Cabin Crew!