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No time like the present!

guy on phoneDo you want presents for Christmas? Well, why not give yourself a present, and a wonderful opportunity to earn more in a fabulous job in travel, tourism or aviation? Find out more!

Gift yourself this chance by completing one or more of our courses, and greatly increasing your chances of finding a job in one of these interesting industries.

Why not do this over the Christmas/New Year holiday period? This might be the ideal time of the year when you actually have spare time to do some studies. Our online short courses only take between 2 to 20 hours to complete. Work on your career during your holiday!!

ITC wins Customer Service award!

Westpac Auckland Business Awards 2014The International Travel College of New Zealand has been recognised for offering absolutely top customer service. This is our 12th award in seven years!!

This award was awarded at the Westpac Auckland South Business Awards. ITC’s Botany campus is located in Auckland South, and so is our Distance Learning Team. Congratulations to our fantastic tutors and students!!

Read more in this blog.

Corporate Online Training

Studying onlineIncreasingly more businesses can see the benefits of online training for their staff. In particular those “soft skills” like Selling Skills and Winning with Customers – those are the online courses that will benefit frontline staff in just about any company!

Make sure your staff are top sellers and top customer service people!

These online courses can be accessed from any device with internet capability: mobile, tablet, laptop and computers. Your staff could complete some of the course at work, some on their smartphone on the bus, and finish off the lesson or quiz at home on their iPad.

Transforming training


Staff training doesn’t have to be time-consuming and expensive. Using online learning tools makes it possible to train a high number of employees, who might be located around the country, or around the world. “Using an e-learning system made it possible for us to reach all of our staff in all the places where they are located. We used it in order to improve and succeed in this competitive industry.”

Read more about the success Correos (55,000 employees) has had using online training options: OEB Newsportal

Watch this space for more online courses!

Claire Huxley & Tim FerrisAt the recent official launch of we asked all attendees which other topics they would like to see online courses for. Thank you for all your ideas. There are some real gems amongst your suggestions!

ITC also meet with industry representatives on a regular basis, and share ideas, developments and feedback.

So together with the travel, tourism and aviation industry we have decided on further online course topics.

These are likely to include Social Media, Blogging, Accommodation and Specific Destination online courses. We will work together with specialists in each field to bring you the best possible content.

Watch this space for further developments!!

Courses for your Staff

Anita FAB ex-DOL studentWe have a range of online courses available. Selling Skills Online and Winning with Customers were specifically developed to suit businesses.

So if your staff ideally need to improve their Selling Skills, or they require better Customer Service Skills, then get them to complete these courses.

If the GOLD option is purchased, we support your staff during the course. We will also monitor their progress, and report this progress back to you in your business. This way you know exactly who has completed what, and how well they have done.

An excellent and very useful individual Action Plan is part of the GOLD course.  Your staff will come out with some concrete ideas and suggestions at the end of this course. This gives you the opportunity to carry on working with them to ensure implementation of these ideas and suggestions into their day-to-day work. An overall recipe for success!

We love our students!

We really love our students, especially if we can visit them where they work in the industry!Amy with City students

The photos on the HOME page now shows off our wonderful students: Alorna who works at the airport (check-in), Ramiza at American Express (travel agency), Chloe at Stray (coach tour company), James at Jucy (rental car company), and Mel in our on-campus Aviation Suite!

Join one of our courses and find a job in the travel, tourism, aviation or service industry too!

“Soft Skills” courses now available!

Erin at workITC now have three more courses available:

Do you, or your staff, need some extra help or training to improve their SELLING SKILLS or CUSTOMER SERVICE  SKILLS? Then check out these courses, which include:

BRONZE course option: informative lessons only

SILVER course option: lessons, quizzes, stop + think exercises, an assessment, a Certificate of Completion

GOLD course option: lessons, quizzes, stop + think exercises, a personal Action Plan, an assessment, tutor support, student monitoring & reporting back to the company, and a Certificate of Completion.

New course: Ground Crew Online Training

Have you been to the airport and thought: “This would be a fantastic place to work!”Team Work at ITC
You are right! The airport environment is dynamic, different every day, and lots of fun.
This new course, Ground Crew Online Training, is an excellent course to set you on your way towards a career at an international or domestic airport.  Click here to  start today! The course starts from only NZ$ 15 (about US$ 12).

Take this excellent opportunity NOW!! Click on here to select your topic & course option.

You can complete this course on any of your electronic devices: your iPad, your Android tablet, your iPhone or your Smart Phone, and of course on your Apple or PC laptop and computer.